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As more and more people are mandated to stay indoors during this pandemic, many business owners ask themselves if they still need Search Engine Optimization Services despite COVID-19.

The coronavirus has boosted internet usage all over the world but it has also caused search traffic to plummet in many industries. This doesn’t mean that SEO services are useless during this time.

Online searches have increased during the lockdown but the focus has been for essentials, health news, and other relevant industries. Traffic has gone down with nonessential businesses from both paid and organic results based on a recent post from Business Trends.

COVID-19 may have affected the global economy but many businesses are seen shifting their strategies. The reality is a business can thrive even during these trying times.

The question is are you going to be a winner or a loser during this new normal?

Winners will surely invest in SEO marketing and here are 5 reasons why.

Search Engine Optimization Services Can Increase Sales

During crisis situations like this pandemic, cash is king. Businesses that have cash flow even during the hard times are those who not only survive but also dominate the market.

SEO services can give your business a higher ROI compared to other digital marketing strategies out there.

If you invest in SEO you can expect more sales and your cash registers ringing. When the consumer is connected with your product or service they will continue to buy even if they are quarantined for 14 days.

In fact, when people are home they have more time on their hands searching for what they need online. By putting your product or service in front of searchers you increase the chances of a buying decision.

Even if your sales decline during this pandemic you can offset your losses by being visible to those who are still buying despite the pandemic.

You Can Easily Prove Whether SEO is Successful

Business owners have to tighten their budget during this season and it would be wise to channel your efforts to consumers with immediate buying intent.

Search Engine Optimization Services is an effective way to put your product or service in front of people who are ready to buy.

To know if your SEO efforts are successful all you need to do is look at your sales or leads in your analytics.

Buyer behavior is expected to change in the coming months and its vital if you can pivot your marketing efforts based on the latest data.

SEO is meant to be reactive to the times, competent SEO service providers change their tactics based on the current data.

The budget may be moved to a keyword phrase that has stronger buying intent. Every dollar counts nowadays and SEO proves that money spent is working for you.

People Search When Demand is High

One thing this pandemic has taught us is that there are some goods that are going to be hard to come by in similar situations.

Toilet paper is a good example and its worth the weight in gold right now.

When there is a high demand for goods, people will search for them. If certain goods are not available people will search for alternatives.

Imagine if you can position yourself in front of searchers when they are looking for scarce goods and services? Your business can reap a windfall in profits.

SEO services can help you take advantage on the scarcity of specific items. It would be a great idea if you started working to rank for those items and topics around scarce items.

An SEO expert will build link building strategies around products that are expensive and hard to find.

People Still Buy Despite the Lockdown

COVID-19 may have impacted many businesses but since the world has not ended yet, people will still buy products and services.

Search Engine Optimization Services is the best way to reach consumers with buying intent. It may not be a quick fix because successful SEO takes time, money, and effort.

When a business needs sales to come in an SEO marketing campaign is the best way to turn the tide. If you haven’t tried SEO in the past, now is the best time to invest in it. 

As things slowly return to normal, SEO services will remain as the most effective way to reach consumers. 

A business that invested in SEO during the downtimes will be in a better position to clean up when things normalize.

EdSEO Specialist:  The Best Search Engine Optimization Services During COVID-19

Do you want to increase sales even during this pandemic?

EDSEO Specialist is the best SEO Agency in the industry right now and we can help you market your business in downtimes.

We recommend that you continue with SEO efforts or be aggressive during this season if your budget permits. You will surely reap rewards in the months to come.

Why Hire Us as Your SEO Consultant?

  • Our company is founded by two Christian businessmen who work with integrity and transparency and aims to glorify God in business.
  • We are continuously learning on how to improve our SEO services to serve customers during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Our team members work together toward a common goal: helping clients achieve top rankings on SERPs.
  • We give the best possible SEO services at affordable rates.
  • We frown upon black hat SEO tactics and know that Google will penalize those who use such strategies. Our team uses white hat SEO marketing techniques that help clients increase conversions and organic traffic to their site.
  • We have the most complete SEO package in the industry today which is proven to help rank websites on SERPs.
  • We are a 5 star rated company on Google My Business
  • We help provide jobs for marginalized people in society. The majority of our team are experienced SEO experts who come from the following background: out of school youth, a person with a disability, single moms/solo parents, former sex workers, recovering drug addicts, former prisoners, former soldiers/rebels.
  • We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and help them generate more profit

At EdSEO Specialist, we aim to become one of the best SEO Experts in the world while providing white hat SEO services at affordable rates.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website today. Our company is currently giving a 25% discount on our SEO packages.

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