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There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has affected all companies not only in the Philippines but also all over the world. The physical world may have ground to a halt but the digital arena continues to thrive.

Brick and mortar shops are closing down and many are having difficulty keeping afloat. Things may look bleak at the moment but you need to apply a different strategy if you want to come out on top after things go back to normal.

Here are vital steps you can take to improve your rankings on SERPs.

Essential Changes You Can Do To Your Website

Many companies are now back to serving their customers despite the pandemic. Adding an informational banner or pop up is one of the best ways to inform your customers about your updated operation schedule during COVID-19 lockdown.

Your customers would appreciate it if they knew your operating hours in this new normal that we live in. Adding a pop up banner is not only useful during this period but also when you have events, promos, and webinars.

Share about how your company is responding to the pandemic and assure everyone that you and your workers are safe. You can also inform customers how you are making all efforts to follow social distancing and keeping all products and services clean and virus free. 

Take note that adding a pop up to your site may affect your SEO and User Experience. Web visitors are annoyed with pop ups so you need to ensure that your pop-up is relevant or important.

Google frowns upon sites that have intrusive pop ups or interstitials. You should limit the amount of pop-ups on your site to once or twice only. Users should find it easy to close the pop up and avoid interstitial pop ups if you can. You should also let users browse your site for a few seconds first before showing a pop up.

Give Discounts on Your Services

We all know that many have lost their jobs and businesses have been closing down during this COVID-19 pandemic. People only spend on things that are essential and they would love it if you can give discounts on your products and services.

Apple has paved the way in this aspect as they have released a new iPhone that is 40% cheaper which is good news for Apple fanatics.

Be careful not to price your products too low because you may lower the value and brand of your company. Things will get back to normal eventually and you can go back to regular pricing.

SEO services are essential for a business so any form of discount or promotion can help customers during these trying times.

Showing clients that you are willing to adjust prices by taking a hit on profits is a good way to let them know that you care and that it’s not all about money. Helping businesses out during this time can lead to long lasting business relationships down the road. 

Boost Your Social Media Activity

Since many people are at home due to lockdowns and mandatory quarantines, now is the best time to be active on various social media platforms. These platforms are a good media to reach out to your target market online.

Update customers of your business operations during the pandemic and create posts that can solve their problems. 

Encouraging people during this pandemic may increase brand awareness and make people relate with your brand.

Adjust Your Marketing Campaigns

You should keep in mind that more people are losing money during this time than those who are making money so you should adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Now is not the time to hard sell especially if your products are not essential during this pandemic. 

People need hope and encouragement during these hard times and giving ideas on how to earn extra income can be a good idea. 

Improve Search Rankings

SEO or Search Engine Optimization does not give immediate results except when you use Black Hat tactics. Professional white hat SEO consultants take a lot of time and effort to help your website rank on SERPs.

During this pandemic, your competition may have stopped all their SEO activities so now is the best time to take advantage and leave them in the dust. By the time they resume SEO activities you may be far ahead in rankings by then that it will be hard for them to catch up.

Online searches have been increasing each year which is why SEO is always a good investment.

The higher your search rank, the more traffic you get to your site which can mean more conversions or sales.

EdSEO Specialist : An SEO Consultant That Can Improve Rankings During COVID-19

Do you want your website optimized during this pandemic? EDSEO Specialist is the best SEO Consultant in Sydney & Kingsgrove NSW in the industry right now and we can help you adapt to this new normal and post-pandemic environment.

Why Hire Us as Your SEO Consultant?

  • Our company is founded by two Christian businessmen who work with integrity and transparency and aims to glorify God through EdSEO Specialist.
  • We are continuously learning on how to improve our SEO services to serve customers during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Our team members work together toward a common goal: helping clients achieve top rankings on SERPs.
  • We give the best possible SEO services at affordable rates.
  • We frown upon black hat SEO tactics and know that Google will penalize those who use such strategies. Our team uses white hat SEO marketing techniques that helps clients increase conversions and organic traffic to their site.
  • We have the most complete SEO package in the industry today which is proven to help rank websites on SERPs.
  • We are a 5 star rated company on Google My Business
  • We help provide jobs for marginalized people in society. Majority of our team are experienced SEO experts who come from the following background: out of school youth, person with disability, single moms/solo parents, former sex workers, recovering drug addicts, former prisoners, former soldiers/rebels.
  • We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and help them generate more profit

At EdSEO Specialist, we aim to become one of the best SEO Consultants in the world while providing white hat SEO services at affordable rates.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website today. Our company is currently giving a 25% discount on our SEO packages.

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